How To Feel Happy (and why nothing has worked before)

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The most common questions I get from people is either; how to feel happy or why nothing is working. Or both.


Why is that? Why is it that so many people are unable to feel happy and every morning have to slowly drag themselves out of bed? That walk to the bathroom is with heavy steps. Then, as they reach the mirror and look into the reflection of their own eyes, they ask themselves,


“Why does nothing work? Why can’t I be happy?”


Or was that just me? I think the reason why people ask me this so much is because they have followed my journey online for years and they have seen me go from rock bottom to present day Mandy. Today people ask me, “how can you be so happy with everything you’ve been through?”


I promise, it’s not that hard; but when you’re in it, it feels like you will never find yourself out of that darkness.


The feeling of not knowing how to make yourself happy is not very empowering. Not to mention, during this time we usually rack up symptoms that make it even harder to feel happy; like anxiety, depression, migraines, maybe even an illness or two. The longer it continues, the more symptoms keep popping up. Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse.


So how come, no matter how much we try; no matter how much we meditate, workout, eat healthy foods, read self-help books, go to therapy, and do all those things we are supposed to do. Why does nothing work? Why can’t we heal?



In 2008 I developed chronic depression and was diagnosed with PTSD. Along with that came panic attacks and anxiety. Then this snowball of symptoms started. I got a chronic sinus infection that made it impossible for me to get on a plane without special plugs in my ears.


None of the specialty doctors I went to could figure out what it was or come up with a solution. Then out of nowhere, these vaginal wounds started popping up every other month. When I asked my doctor she just shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know what to tell you, just that it’s not a disease,” she said. But it was so painful that I could barely sit down.


Then the migraines started. Oh, the migraines. When it was at it’s worse, I had them at least once a week and it would knock me out so bad I had to cancel work and any plans. I felt this deep unhappiness and had absolutely no desire to do anything. Every day I felt tired and would end up sleeping through most days.


Honestly, the list of symptoms that I had is so long I forget half of it. But it doesn’t matter. The point is, I was once where you are today. Or at least where I assume you are today. If you’re reading this article I’m guessing you can at least relate on some level.


I’m sure you’ve tried it all. Everything that you are supposed to do to heal but nothing works. Am I right?


I know how badly you just want to snap yourself out of it but this is what I learned— most of what we are told to do, won’t help you do that.


Why? Because it doesn’t solve the actual problem. It doesn’t treat the root cause. The true root cause is that you are living in a state of survival and this survival response created an internal wound inside of you.


This wound is what we call trauma. What you are experiencing is the symptom of trauma. These symptoms are coming up because your body is completely focused on surviving. And when it’s focused on surviving then it can’t focus on its basic functions that are required for you to live and thrive.


That’s why you’re struggling to feel happy, because you’re busy fighting to survive.


This is how I like to think about it. If you’ve ever had a wound, you used common sense and just took out whatever was in the wound so that it could heal, right? You probably didn’t even think twice. You just knew that that’s what you had to do. You removed the glass, the splinter, or whatever it was; then you bandaged your wound, let it rest, and waited for it to heal. That’s how it goes, we all know that.


But then why do we treat internal wounds like they are such a mystery?


Whenever something stressful happens, your body goes into survival mode. Which means you get all these extra hormones so that you have a higher chance of survival. That’s why people get extra strong, fast, or they are able to numb themselves from pain. It’s like our very own superpowers.


The only thing is that when these superpowers don’t get to release (go bye bye) after the danger is over– they start to hurt you.


And to be clear, danger today can look very different to different people and it can be anything. Stress from work, from arguments, from partners, from friends, watching the news, your financial situation, dating, social media, loss of a loved one, accidents, childbirth. You just never know what you’re going to react to.


So now, if your body was never able to release these extra hormones or survival energies, then they stay trapped in your body which means they live inside of you 24/7. Every single day your body is (re)living whatever got it into survival. And none of the things we are taught to do in westernized societies allows us to release the survival responses in the body. Hence, we can’t heal.


All of those stressful events in your life, instead of releasing and going away like they are supposed to, they are staying in your body like layers on top of each other. That’s why nothing works.


It’s important you understand that your body was never supposed to fight for survival 24/7, it’s supposed to be temporary. That’s why all these symptoms have popped up. That’s why you are feeling literally stuck. And I know you are strong and resilient person but you can’t keep going like that forever.


Now you’re probably wondering, “well, how do I do that? how do I release the survival instinct?”


Good question.


Your body was built to release these tension energies just like other animals and even Mother Earth. All of us release through shaking, trembles and vibrations.


And it’s not just you standing up and shaking your body. The shake has to come deep from your muscles and spinal cord that are holding these energies. Just how earthquakes shake from deep within the core of our Earth.


Your primal instincts, your natural abilities, is to do this. But because of the way we live in this society with so much control and such strong beliefs that go against who we are as primal beings, we completely block these instincts.


(Sidenote, this is why tension in your body, anywhere from your jaw to your back, is a clear indicator that your body is in a state of survival.)


We have never, in our existence as humans, been exposed to so much stress as we are today. Ever.


And I know someone will be like, “that’s not true Mandy, we used to live with threats from dangerous animals all the time before.” Yes but was that really as frequent as your text/call/email/social media and news notifications going through your phone every single day? Or how we can now see every messed up thing that is happening in our world in the amount of 10 minutes? Or seconds?


My mom and my whole family lived in the rainforest with pumas and all kinds of dangerous animals and let me tell you, they did not get into survival mode as often as we do in this society. Not on this level, not even close.


There’s no wonder you feel exhausted and like nothing works. Your poor body needs to stop fighting so that it can rest and heal.


Now you can do what I did and spend a decade on researching methods to help you feel happy again and letting go of all those symptoms you are living with. You can look for someone who can teach you how to release the survival response in your body, someone you trust and believe in. I just want you to have this information so that you know what’s going on inside of you.


But the reason I started SLG School was because I didn’t want anyone else to waste time like I did.


For the past four years I’ve taught people all over the world; from Serbia to Australia, from age 10 to 85, from people who are just feeling unhappy and can’t figure out why, to people who’ve gone through all forms of abuse, military violence and torture, rape, molestation, loss of loved ones, PTSD… anything you can think of.


No matter who you are or where you live, our bodies have the exact same survival instincts.


In SLG School I guide you through the exact steps that I used to release the survival responses in my body. That’s what made it possible for me to heal from trauma for good. All the symptoms I told you about earlier disappeared after I did this. My goal is to help you build a bridge between you as a primal being with instincts, and the reality of you living in an urban society. So that the two worlds can coexist and you no longer have to waste any more time feeling the way you do now.


So if you are serious about healing and you’re ready to let your pain go, then you can start releasing today in SLG School. Just know that our doors close for new members on August 5th.

Click here to learn more.


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