"My body is always in pain"
"I wake up and go to bed feeling anxious"
"I feel irritable and can't focus"

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Suppressing our natural responses can cause a vicious circle of problems. Let me explain more...

The truth is, you've not evolved or adapted to live in a modern society.

I know, I know, humans are brilliant with opposable thumbs and all.


That still doesn't change the fact that you were born with primal instincts.

Ignoring that is what got us here-- to the century that the World Health Organization refers to as an "epidemic of stress."

I'm here to give you an Indigenous perspective. To help you reconnect with who you are so that you can wake up in the morning feeling good and happy about yourself and your purpose in life.

Your instincts were never meant to be ignored.

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All around the world there are people who have no idea that what they're struggling with is connected to their survival instinct. Don't be one of them.

- Evelyn C.

"I have made many changes in my life for the better and it's all because of you.
I'm happier And I've attracted positive people and energy into my life.
All I want to say is thank you and continue to shine and bring love and light over this world, people like you are needed. "

Los Angeles, California

- Kate S.

"I love the course and it has helped me make positive changes in my life. I resigned from my terrible job in the UK and got a new job in Bermuda(!!) I’m a much happier and kinder person than I used to be. I am so happy to be alive and plan on making the most of every moment.
Thanks so much!"


- Destiny K.

"I’m falling in love with this [SLG] course and it’s literally changing my life. I’m currently super sick and unable to do a lot of things so this course is what I can look forward to everyday.
Like phenomenal.

I haven't even finished the entire course yet and my life has changed."

Saint Cloud, Florida

- Nancy C.

"Wanted to let you know how good your tapping method is and to say thank you.
Just following you and getting your emails definitely makes a difference in someone's life."

Chicago, Illinois

Isabel's Children

Isabel’s Children is a money fund that goes directly to support survivors of violence and food insecurity in Indigenous communities.

In the memory and honor of Mandy’s chuchu (grandmother) Isabel- an Indigenous woman who despite a life filled with abuse, trauma, starvation and injustice, still did everything she could to help anyone who needed her. With her knowledge of healing, plant medicines, and her cooking, or simply opening her doors for someone who needed a place to stay, whatever little she had, she gave.

Isabel's Children is funded by every enrollment into SLG School.