When you're so tired and overwhelmed from surviving life that you don't actually get to enjoy it––
Indigenous Knowledge might be your answer.

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A Mapuche writer and teacher.

Creator of SLG, an online school and community that has helped members in over 35 countries heal from the effects of stress and trauma using kuyfi kimün, ancient knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation.

I'm Mandy Kvyen (Moon) Martini Chihuailaf (Mist Spreading Over a Lake.)

mari mari

But you were also born into a culture that has taught you to control, suppress, and even ignore them.

Your symptoms are the result of living in survival.

When you go through stress or trauma, a survival response starts. And like everything else in nature, it follows a cycle to finish.

If it can't do that, it's like never getting over a cold. Or never removing a knife from the wound.

Your survival response has to finish before you can start to heal.

And that's something I can help you do.

"My body is always in pain"
"I wake up and go to bed feeling anxious"
"I feel irritable and can't focus"

Does this sound familiar?

You were born with powerful instincts and responses.


- Lakwiita, SLG Member

"I owe you my very life. I was at a point last summer where I could no longer keep moving forward without something to help heal me. I was at the absolute end of my rope. If I can heal from this then so can others."

- Asta, SLG Member

"It's been a year now since I signed up and it has transformed everything! I feel so light and happy in my body, but also a feeling of trust that my body can get through anything. I just wanted to say thank you! This has really changed my future and life in so many ways and I feel that everything is possible. "

- Brittany, SLG Member

"I hope people see the value in what you're offering... I've been working through module 1 and I would pay again and again to feel the amount of relief I felt from your program. And this is just the beginning."

- Chloe, SLG Member

"I notice now that sometimes when I'll think about something in the past, I don't feel triggered about it. I can think about it and don't have any reaction to it like I used to. My life now will be so different."

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Feeling Like You're Still Unsafe

My eyes are drifting when they catch something to the right that makes my whole body change in seconds. There, in the line of cars getting ready to merge...


Isabel's Children

Isabel’s Children is a money fund that goes directly to support survivors of violence and food insecurity in Indigenous communities.

In the memory and honor of Mandy’s chuchu (grandmother) Isabel- an Indigenous woman who despite a life filled with abuse, trauma, starvation and injustice, still did everything she could to help anyone who needed her. With her knowledge of healing, plant medicines, and her cooking, or simply opening her doors for someone who needed a place to stay, whatever little she had, she gave.

Isabel's Children is funded by every enrollment into SLG School.