I'm Mandy Martini Chihuailaf.

hi, hola, mari mari

[ tr. fog over lakes and  seas.]

I believe the reason why we struggle is because we have forgotten that we are primal beings living in a modern world.

I teach how to connect the two and build a bridge.

I'm a writer, online educator, storyteller, an Indigenous woman, an advocate for violence against women and an activist for our Earth and animals.

I carry a lot of labels, just like you. 

After I survived some traumatic events in my life, I struggled a lot. I didn't feel alive or like I was living my life anymore.

It led me on a journey.

I now teach thousands of people around the world how capable they are at not only healing themselves but thriving in their lives.


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Eve, a member of my Privat Circle email community sent me a message after downloading the free workbooks...

June 6th, 2019 - "Yes I downloaded it. I will need to start and put my time in making those changes. I don't mind being a teller BUT it's hard when someone is working tirelessly to tear you down and make unnecessary comments. So I'm looking to move on to something better. I will be doing your workbook and let you know how it goes."

 "I did this [the workbooks] and finally got that Treasury management position. Remember I told you I was trying to leave my boss and the branch🥳I'm so happy!!! I just put that energy out that I was going to find something I wanted/get it.
I'm so thankful."


Oh, hello.


The Mari Mari Project

The Mari mari Project is inspired by the Mapuche greeting that translates to "your'e ten and I am ten" - meaning we are equals. every product on this site is in support of this project, meaning out of every purchase, 10% goes directly to support children living in orphanages and families escaping domestic violence.

- Evelyn C.

I have made many changes in my life for the better and it's all because of you.
I'm happier And I've attracted positive people and energy into my life.
All I want to say is thank you and continue to shine and bring love and light over this world, people like you are needed. 

Los Angeles, California

- Kate S.

I love the course and it has helped me make positive changes in my life. I resigned from my terrible job in the UK and got a new job in Bermuda(!!) I’m a much happier and kinder person than I used to be. I am so happy to be alive and plan on making the most of every moment.
Thanks so much!


- Destiny K.

I’m falling in love with this course and it’s literally changing my life. I’m currently super sick and unable to do a lot of things so this course is what I can look forward to everyday and the meditation + journaling is where I’m gaining most of my mental strength.
Like phenomenal. 

Saint Cloud, Florida

- Nancy C.

Wanted to let you know how good your tapping method is and to say thank you.
Just following you and getting your emails definitely makes a difference in someone's life.

Chicago, Illinois