3. The Importance of Signs: When You Ask Yourself, How Did I Get Here?

You, me... we're all born with the ability to sense danger. So how come we sometimes miss the signs? How come we sometimes find ourselves in situations when we ask ourselves, How on earth did I get here?

When we live with stress and trauma, it can be really hard to notice things. Like signs that let us know if it's a person or situation, we should stay far away from. It becomes hard to listen, and trust yourself. "Am I overreacting? It's probably nothing."

Or you experience the complete opposite: you get so numb that someone could wave a red flag in your face, and you still wouldn't notice.

We've all been there, and there's a reason for it.

2. “Oversensitive” in Uncomfortable Situations? What No One Talks About.

When you start to see yourself as separate from nature, you start to miss things.

Those situations that make your hands shake and your eyes well up. The moments that hit you with a feeling of nausea and sweat. It could happen when you stand up for yourself to your boss, to a family member, or are just in an uncomfortable situation.

But no matter what- they're happening for a reason. And that reason is not that you're oversensitive.

1. Backstory and When We Stop Fighting Life

If you've only ever been exposed to one way of living and thinking, then it's easy to think of it as the norm- even if it means you're struggling.

In this first episode of Return To Life, I share about mine and my family's backstory, we talk about resilience and how we can only grow and move forward once we stop fighting life.