It all started over a decade ago after being sexually assaulted.

I tried all the traditional methods but nothing was helping,
and there wasn't a lot of help or resources out there.
But I paid attention and took the opportunity to learn from my doctors.
I asked questions and compared the information they gave me to what I was noticing with myself.
For years I enrolled in every training, lecture and course I could find related to healing.
I bought every single book about trauma or self help that I could get my hands on.

Then one day I met my (ex) husband.
He swept me of my feet and we married quick.
My life changed forever after that.
What was supposed to be a fairytale love story, or relationship goals as our social media followers called us, was in reality two years of abuse.

with love,


Sometimes it was every other day.
Sometimes it was daily.
Sometimes it was several times a day.
It went so far that he was planning how to kill me and get away with it.
And I had accepted it.
I was too tired to fight back or run away.
The times I tried he caught me.
So I gave up.
Gave up on myself and life.
Then one day I managed to break away shortly.
I was able to see a glimpse of how life was supposed to be.
It's crazy to think that I had forgotten.
During those years I had forgotten about the real world, 
but it was something that day that snap for me. 
I knew there was a better life out there for me, if I could only make it out alive.

I believe everything happens for a reason.
The moment I found the power within me, the power that is within us all, 
the Universe started to align for me.
After two years of waiting for help, the police was there, 
in my living room, leading me out to freedom.
Since then I've created the life I dreamt of.
A rich, peaceful and fulfilling life.

I now teach women (and men) all over the world 
the tools and techniques it took me years to learn.

I've built a course, the Science of Letting Go, with hundreds of members spread out in over 34 countries.
A community, that is healing and growing together, they are ccomplishing amazing things and falling in love with life.

Just how I have done as well.

my story