My name is Mandy Martini Chihuailaf, Mist spreading over a lake.

I'm a Mapuche writer, teacher, and founder of SLG, an online school that helps people let go of stress and heal from trauma.

My catchphrase? Western problems, Indigenous solutions.


You know how people say you have to hit rock bottom before you do something about it? My rock bottom was realizing I might not make it out alive from the home I was sharing with my (then) husband.

But that was my wake-up call, not the start.

For almost a decade I'd been in and out of therapy sessions. I'd tried medications, self-help books, everything without ever even getting close to healing.

At my best, I was feeling good enough to fake it through.

At my worse, I would lay in bed trying to remember if I'd showered that day or not. Or getting somewhere and having no memory of how I got there. Then I would sit there, anxiously rubbing sanitizer or lotion in between my hands.

My doctors told me my PTSD was chronic and that I had to learn to live with it. Or "cope" with it.

The way I was living my life, and the way many people live their lives, is not really living. It's just trying to survive. 

But I didn't want to live like that anymore.

What saved me from my abusive marriage and later, healed me from the trauma I'd been through, was the knowledge I'd been taught since I was a little girl.

My peoples' ancestral knowledge.

How it started...

Answers to some FAQ(s)

How long have you been doing this?

I always say it started in 2008 because that's when my own research started, but... I was raised by a lawenche (medicine person), my grandmother. Her and my mother taught me since as long as I can remember.

What got you started teaching?

In 2016 when I had just made it "out" and was technically homeless, I joined a domestic violence support group and we would meet at a secret location in Los Angeles. When the other women asked me how I could be so calm after what I'd been through, I taught them.

That's actually how SLG started and now we have members in over 35 countries.

Where do you live?

Left California during the pandemic. Currently on Seminole land in Southwest Florida but looking for a home on Lenepe territory (New York).

Ok, there's more but let's not waste anymore of your time...

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