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Imagine waking up without feeling numb, anxious, or overwhelmed.

Indigenous Knowledge can help you get there—
let me show you how.

kvme akukonpayaymvn

Welcome to SLG School

"It's not an exaggeration to say that this course saved my life, my future and my sanity."


If this sounds familiar...

... you're not alone.

"I can’t get rid of the heaviness in my chest"

"I’ve always wondered why I am so sad and can't seem to enjoy life like other people"

"I'm irritable and can't focus on anything"

"The moment I wake up I feel anxious and overwhelmed."

"The tightness in my jaw and shoulders turns into pain."

"I get horrible migraines"

"I've been having panic attacks daily and struggle to keep going."

Millions of people around the world are currently living with stress and trauma, or more importantly, the effects of it.

But it shouldn't be that way.

Not when Indigenous wisdom could help you live without it.

You know how they say, "Misery loves company"? I know it refers to people, but for me, it was all the symptoms I was experiencing. In the spring of 2008, I was diagnosed with anxiety, chronic depression, and PTSD.

But it was never just that. Besides my diagnosis, I felt myself changing in so many ways.

The exhaustion that made my body feel too heavy to move. Insomnia. Nightmares and flashbacks. Spacing out and forgetting what I was doing, even while driving (scary). Getting easily startled and triggered while at the same time feeling numb. Always feeling sick. Waking up in the mornings and barely being able to open my mouth because my jaw had clenched so tight during the night. So much tension in my body that I was in pain all the time.

It made me easily irritated and frustrated so I avoided other people, including phone calls and texts from friends and family.

Eventually, I felt like I was all alone.

I remember laying in bed thinking about how much I was missing out on. All the things I wanted to do but couldn't because I felt too numb and too tired to do anything.

You know the perspective on healing that we hear all around us? The one that makes you believe that learning how to cope (read: learn to live) with stress and trauma is the only option. The one that makes us doubt that healing is even possible. I spent over eight years listening to that.

And no matter how unhappy it made me. No matter how much pain it caused me and made me feel like I didn't even know myself anymore — during all those years, I continued to listen to it.

My turning point was domestic violence. I knew that if I wanted a chance to get out— out of a home filled with violence and out of a life where every day felt like a constant fight not to drown— I would have to listen to my grandmother. I would have to listen to the knowledge of our bodies and nature that this society has tried so hard to push away and eliminate that it's almost forgotten— Indigenous Knowledge.

So I did. With a lot of doubt and skepticism, I'm ashamed to say. Because back then, I had no idea this decision would not only change my life but save it. Or that it would one day spread worldwide and do the same for others.

My name is Mandy Martini Chihuailaf (Mist Spreading Over a Lake), and I'm Indigenous Mapuche.

I'm the founder of SLG, the Science of Letting Go, which started in 2016 inside a domestic violence support group, and grew into what it is today–– a global online program that makes people repeatedly say, "It changed my life."

I teach the same IK (Indigenous Knowledge) that helped me heal. It's very different from the coping methods taught in Western society, and the reason why people in over forty countries are now actually living their lives, as opposed to just trying to survive it.

Mari mari (hello)


Recognized and featured by the global non-profit CRISIS TEXT LINE as an "Indigenous Mental Health Leader to follow and learn from."

"I owe you my very life. I was at a point last summer where I could no longer keep moving forward without something to help heal me. I was at the absolute end of my rope. If I can heal from this then so can others."

- L.


The online program that not only debunks healing as a "lifelong journey," but makes you wish you'd started it sooner. Much sooner.

If you've ever wondered why nothing you've done and tried has worked. Why after so much time, you're still feeling the same way, if not worse. There's a reason for that.

Talking about it over and over, trying to change your thoughts. Trying to divert and numb long enough to fake a smile and pretend everything is fine... it doesn't work.

If anything, it makes it worse.

That's because the key to healing isn't learning how to control and live with what's causing you pain. It's getting to the bottom of what's causing it.

This society keeps forgetting that we're human beings with natural instincts and responses. Instincts and responses that fire up every time you go through something stressful or traumatic. Even grief, illness, pregnancy, birth, periods, and heartache.

Your body does not need to hear about Western theories that have come and gone over the past century or two.

What it needs is to come back to its natural state.

You were born with responses that can both get you into a state of survival, which is where you are now (I'm guessing since you're here), but also out of it.

And that's exactly what you get to do inside SLG.

As soon as you start the program, you jump straight into letting your body finish survival so you can finally heal. Including releasing any built-up stress in your body.

This is why people— even those who thought their triggers and anxiety could never really go away, or who thought they could never be happy again— get results so fast.

Because your body was made to do this.

How does SLG work?

"I'd a conversation with my best friend, and somehow we came across some unpleasant situations that I lived through as a child. That's when I started to realize that it doesn't trigger me anymore. No pain, no fear, no shame, no tears. Only simple memories but it doesn't hurt anymore... I feel very grateful!!!"

- Anastasia,
after only 2 weeks inside SLG

"I feel so light and happy in my body, but also a feeling of trust that my body can get through anything. I just wanted to say thank you! This has really changed my future and life in so many ways and I feel that everything is possible."

- Asta, Norway

"It's been a year now since I signed up and it has transformed everything!"

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Ready to say goodbye to stress and anxiety so you can focus on living your life?

"Before, I didn't know that I was living with stress. All these physical symptoms were happening and I would just live with it. And then I would end up in the hospital hooked up to a machine because I felt like I was having a heart attack. I was in and out of hospitals for years because I couldn't keep food down. I was vomiting up everything.
Turns out it was stress and anxiety and it took 31 years for me to be able to help myself.

The amount of money that I've spent on therapy sessions that sometimes made it worse. And working with my family doctor who tested me but couldn't figure out what it was. This program, in the one year that I've been practicing the tools that you've given me, the change that it's made in my life, how much of the darkness it's lifted off my shoulders-- it's priceless. I just wish I had it sooner."

"It took 31 years for me to be able to help myself"

Ontario, Canada

Like most people, you've probably tried everything that's out there without much luck. Therapy, medication, yoga classes, meditation, self-help books, positive affirmations, anxiety blankets, stress balls. You've done and tried it all.

Or... have you only tried what's offered here, in this society?

For a very long time, other perspectives and sources of knowledge have been pushed away and silenced. All in the spirit of creating an homogeneous Western society. Which is why when you walk out that door, or scroll through your phone, all you hear is the same: cope with this, manage that.

When you only hear one voice and one perspective it's easy to believe it's the truth and how it's supposed to be.

But ask yourself this: How can a world where so many people struggle just to keep going be normal, a world where stress is called both an epidemic and a silent killer? It's not.

Feeling skeptical? I don't blame you.

It's a warning sign.

Luckily, Indigenous Knowledge can help change this. Remember it's knowledge that has existed much much longer than this society we now live in.

My people call it Kuyfi Kimvn–– ancient knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation.

And since time immemorial, it has taught us how our bodies work, who we are as human beings, and yes, even how we heal.

It's knowledge that many Indigenous people, including my own family, have risked their lives to protect. Even through horrible efforts to assimilate us and make us forget.

"The past month has been the best I've felt in a while. I stopped drinking alcohol and eating toxic foods, and this is the first time I've wanted to live and feel in a very long time. I hadn't realized how numb I'd become. Food is tasting better, and my love for music is coming back. I take long walks in nature and realize how much I've been missing out on because I've just been surviving.

- Michelle

“I wanted to do SLG for so many years but wasn't able to financially, but imagine how much money I’ve put into medicine and psychiatry in all those years. Oh my god!”

- Matilda

When Matilda, a mother of two, first joined SLG, she told me that she'd been unhappy for so long, she didn't even know if she could be happy.

She had lived with depression and anxiety for over 25 years and dreamed of getting off her medications which were only getting stronger. And so were the side effects.

She always felt irritatated and frustrated and didn't want her kids to think of her that way so she decided to leave her husband, thinking their relationship was the cause of it.

I suggested she go through the program first to see what happens, and after only THREE weeks, she sent me this. →

Let me share a story with you...

Matilda waited years to join SLG and could've waited even longer, or never joined at all.

Luckily she didn't and it ended up saving her not only money but her marriage, her relationship with her children, and her future.

Imagine if, in just a few weeks, you started noticing changes like...

→ anxiety and overwhelm gone
→ triggers gone
→ more energy
→ better focus
→ improved relationships with loved ones
→ good sleep
→ confidence
→ physical pains disappearing
→ PMS or other extreme period pains gone
→ healthier skin
→ healthier body
→  not craving alcohol to numb
→ not needing ways to cope anymore

"I thought the only solution was therapy, which I'd been doing weekly for two years before starting SLG to deal with my childhood trauma, including sexual abuse, at an early age. It's been one year since I started SLG, and I've never felt more free and empowered to LIVE LIFE, not merely survive. At first, I could go farther without therapy sessions, and now I've completely stopped and can use that time and money on other things. 

I don't feel triggered by what I went through anymore, and I can understand my body and let it heal naturally. Now, I have the energy and mental space to raise my boys, take care of my relationships, make new true friends, which I always struggled with, and grow my business to levels I never thought I could.

All because I'm not living in survival anymore."

- JULIETA, New York

"Now, I have the energy and mental space to raise my boys, take care of my relationships, make new true friends... and grow my business to levels I never thought I could."

In your own time and pace.

SLG is easy to digest and learn from.









"I hope people see the value in what you're offering... I've been working through module 1 and I would pay again and again to feel the amount of relief I felt from your program. And this is just the beginning."

- Brittany

SLG lifetime membership

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* Worried it won't work? SLG has a 30-Day Peace of Mind Guarantee. 

Imagine having the energy to live your life exactly the way you want.

A peek inside SLG


If your body is fighting to survive then it's affecting your health, your immune system, your energy, and your ability to focus. That's why we start to physically release the survival responses so that your body can start the healing process.

(This is why members notice results so fast. Hip pain disappeared overnight, "best sleep of my life," feeling lighter, more energy, etc.)

Think about all the things that bother you in your life. That makes you nauseous, worried, and overwhelmed. From news, social media, work, maybe even your loved ones-- stress is everywhere. This means your body will respond with the survival instinct to help you go through it.

It's so important to know what triggers you. Not because you can avoid it completely (unless you become a hermit), but so that you can prevent stress on your body as much as possible. In this module, I'll show you how you can spend less time reacting and more time enjoying your life.

Imagine waking up feeling at peace and connected with who you are. This is where your environment: mind, body, spirit, and land come into a full circle and you see how connected they are to each other. And how important it is for you to pay attention. It's like an ecosystem, you have to focus on the whole, not just on one part of you.

You'll learn how to build connections and boundaries (might seem like they contradict but they actually don't) to help you even when this society or who knows, a random stranger, throws you a curveball.

You were meant to do so much more than living your life just trying to survive each day.

After seeing the life-changing (not exaggerating) results from SLG members, this bonus module was born. It's here to help you get ready for a new chapter in your life, however that might look like. All I know is that it's bright.



Prevent & Rewire


Your Environment

Moving On


SLG 30-Day Peace of Mind Guarantee

I know what's out there and how confusing and overwhelming it can be when you don't know if something will work or not. That's why SLG comes with a 30-day Peace of Mind Guarantee.

All you have to do is give SLG a chance.

That means you show up, do the lessons, and everything I guide you through. If within 30 days you feel like it did nothing for you: send me an email showing that you gave it a chance, and you'll get your refund.

"After 40 years of suffering from the effects of extreme abuse and multiple traumas, I have finally found REAL healing, real relief and a clear path forward. Years of talk therapy left me more traumatized. I did not want to have to relive my trauma in order to heal. No need to relive or even talk about your experiences. You have all the tools you need to heal inside your body - let Mandy show you how!"

- Nictíre

End the cycle of trauma for yourself...

... and for future generations.

SLG is not for you if...

  • You're not ready to listen. This is fine, but no matter how good our knowledge is, nothing can change unless you show up, listen and do "the work."

  • You want to sign up so you can use what you learn to make money of it. Please don't. SLG is here to support those who need help, while also supporting the work me and my family are doing to help our families and rebuild our communities.

    NOTE: SLG is copyrighted and Indigenous knowledge is protected under United Nations Declaration of Rights.


I was a zombie walking through my everyday routine and missing out on what matters. Now I'm on a roll living my best life BECAUSE OF YOU! I've been much more aware and living in the moment. I promise you, the birds chirping every morning have never sounded more beautiful. Do you realize how grateful I am for you?
 It's because of you and your willingness to share with others your incredible knowledge.

"You really have no clue what you started IN ME!"

SLG lifetime membership

Join for $479
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Click here for the $179 x 3 Payment Plan

need flexibility?

* Worried it won't work? SLG has a 30-Day Peace of Mind Guarantee. 

Want more out of life? Don't miss your chance to get inside.

Your body might cry out and thank you...

Once you're in, you're a member for life.

That means you can put your phone on "do not disturb," close out the world, and go through the whole program in a week.

OR, you can do it little by little when you got time.

You decide.

You'll always have access to the SLG, our live talking circles, and my support.

The online healing program even Western doctors have called "mind-blowing" and life-changing.

"Like nothing I've ever experienced in my life."

I'm ready, get me inside!

"I almost didn’t go through with signing up. Nearly convincing myself to put the money toward other debt- what a mistake that would've been. There's no debt like generations and a lifetime of stress/trauma. Before, I'd little capacity to deal with anything and was easily overwhelmed. Then I started working through SLG. Now I have more clarity, heaviness continues to lift, triggers have lost their traction, my periods are no longer thrusting me into fight/flight/freeze. Maybe it all sounds too good to be true but it’s not."

[Eastern Band Cherokee]

"I wake up with a genuine feeling of excitement instead of anxiety, doubt, and dread."

Talking Circles

Our Elders and family members have always had talking circles in our ruka (huts) to allow members of the community to come together and not only support each other, but help reinforce our knowledge and practices.

The live Talking Circles through Zoom are our "modern" version of it.

When you sign up there'll be 4 live Talking Circles spread out over a month to give you support as you go through the program. If you miss any, don't worry, they're recorded.

Plus, you also get to join future Talking Circles as well.

In a Talking Circle, you can share how much (or as little) you want. You can ask questions, get support, and get to know other members from our global community.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a lot going on now, is there a time commitment?

Nope. Once you're in, take all the time you need. As a SLG member, you're a member for life. That means all the lessons, talking circles and community support. The only time commitment is if you want to join the talking circle live, otherwise it's all recorded so you can watch later when you have time.

I'm going to be without online access, how do I do?

You can download the mp3's and/or transcripts of the lessons.

How often does SLG open for new members to join?

Not often. Only four times a year.

I don't know if I can spend the money... are there scholarships?

There are scholarships but they are for women, usually mothers, escaping domestic violence and human trafficking. I understand that $479 is a lot of money but without it there's no reciprocity: meaning, I wouldn't be able to help you, keep this school running, or support our community and people.

Like SLG member Julie said, "The amount of money that I've spent on therapy sessions that sometimes made it worse. And working with my family doctor who tested me but couldn't figure out what it was. This program... the change that it's made in my life... it's priceless. I just wish I had it sooner."

Think of this as an investment in yourself. What you'll learn will not only help you now but for the rest of your life.

When you're too tired to fight and too tired to run, numbness can sometimes become a last attempt to protect yourself against pain.

But it doesn't have to stay that way.

what more members are saying

[Kichwa & Quechua]
Tequesta Territory (South Florida)

"When I found SLG I was skeptical to be honest. I'd spent 27 years trying to cope and bought it with doubt after seeing what the "wellness" community was offering. But what Mandy teaches is what I'd been waiting for all these years.

SLG is rooted in Indigenous wisdom and has been an invaluable tool for my healing, and I've told many friends about it because it works!

Everything Mandy shares is from the heart. I am so lucky to have been connected to you Ñaña, you are one of a kind and I'm so grateful that you decided to share such sacred wisdom with us."

"I've told many friends about it because it works!"

Unceded territory of Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, Vancouver, Canada.

"Before, I would speak up for others, but not when it came to myself. Now I'm noticing myself taking up more space, in a genuine way, and a place of being grounded. When I'm alone with myself or go for a walk, I feel like I am with a good friend instead of needing a phone or craving the connection with something artificial. It's going really well for me at work and with my relationship. My family has this big stressor, but I'm still able to enjoy the good things, whereas before, stress would have been in everything, and I wouldn't have been able to focus. By accident, I quit drinking. I am amazed. I am so much more of who I am. So thank you! I'm so happy I found you and SLG."

"I feel so much more like myself, and I'm getting back into things I like."

Columbus, OH.

"I used to suffer from restless leg syndrome. This was a big pain point as I would lay in bed for hours trying to get comfortable, rubbing my leg, or even kicking the back of my calf trying to make the feeling go away or eventually take IBU, just so I could sleep.  

Mandy, I am forever grateful for you and all that you share. I truly have learned so much from you."

"SLG has changed me for the better and the future is looking bright."

I’m falling in love with this course and it’s literally changing my life. I’m currently super sick and unable to do a lot of things so this course is what I can look forward to everyday.

Like phenomenal.


"... it's literally changing my life."

SLG appeared at exactly the right time for me. I was struggling with issues relating to divorce and an extremely unhappy marriage. During the course, I also uncovered old traumas that I had forgotten/suppressed and was able to work on as well.

I am incredibly grateful for the knowledge I've acquired and to Mandy for creating this course and for her support. It has been a life changing experience, I would recommend it to anyone. 

Huge thanks and so much love xo

Northern Ireland

 "a life changing experience"

I've come to see a lot of what I have not let go of and in the process, through your beautiful teaching of doing so each and everyday, each and every moment.
You're an incredible teacher and soul.

Entire course is an absolute get, keep and use! 

North Carolina

"I want to let you know your course is INCREDIBLE!!"

Isabel's Children

Isabel’s Children is a money fund that goes directly to support survivors of violence and food insecurity in Indigenous communities.

In the memory and honor of Mandy’s chuchu (grandmother) Isabel- an Indigenous woman who despite a life filled with abuse, trauma, starvation and injustice, still did everything she could to help anyone who needed her. With her knowledge of healing, plant medicines, and her cooking, or simply opening her doors for someone who needed a place to stay, whatever little she had, she gave.

Isabel's Children is funded by every enrollment into SLG School.