Who We Really Are: What We Forget While They Call It Progress

You and me, we are mostly made out of water and energy.

With water that runs through our bodies like rivers.

Shapes and curves like valleys and mountains.

Roots spreading inside of us. Roots moving.

The ability to create life.
Sustain life.

The need for relationships.

Tell me how we are different from Nag Mapu, the Land We Walk On.

The way She uses the invisible power of energy,
like a river that shifts its path to survive changes,
to release, heal and return to balance again.

Moving through seasons with resilience and strength.

Tell me how we are different.

The only difference I see is that We forget.

We leave our communities and move into cities to survive. They call it progress and tell us how lucky we are.

Because they forgot a long time ago, they don’t see the price we pay.

The cost of becoming lost,

of forgetting who you are.

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