How To Make Your Own Nut Butter

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Okay, making your own nut butter is insanely easy and you know what’s so awesome with making your own?

You can make it exactly the way you want!

Want it without extra fatty oils? Skip it! Addicted to anything chocolate, add cacao. Or maybe cinnamon, pumpkin spice, salt, vanilla? So many options!! Can you tell I am excited?

The best part is that it only takes like 5-10 minutes for most nuts.

All you need is nuts and a food processor. I would imagine it would work with a high power blender as well but I don’t have one so can’t tell you for sure. But you learn by trying, right?

Note, almonds are a bit drier than peanuts and hazelnuts so it will take longer in the food processor. It will come to a point where you think nothing is going to happen and your food processor looks like it may or may not blow up, push through that and before you know it, you will see it turning creamy. It can take as much as 25 minutes. You might find yourself having to scrape down the sides as well in the beginning.

Step 1. RoastIng

I roast 4 cups (almost 10 dl) worth of nuts because then it fits my jars perfectly. 4 cups of raw nuts turn into about 2 cups of nut butter, give or take. Feel free to make more or less.

Roast for about 5-10 minutes in 350 degrees Fahrenheit, 180 Celsius in an oven-safe glass baking dish. Don’t burn them, just roast them enough until you can smell that they are lightly toasted.

Step 2. Food Processor.

Place the nuts in the food processor, without anything and within a few minutes, you will notice it turn creamy. If you want crunchy nut butter, before it starts creamy the nuts will get nicely chopped up, stop the processor and put some of them on the side and then continue making the rest of the batch creamy. You will notice, the longer you go, the lighter and creamier it gets.

Stop when you find the perfect consistency for you.

Step 3. Make It Your Own.

Add any ingredients you would like unless you find it perfect on its own.

Here are some suggestions:
Maple Syrup
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Vanilla powder
Pumpkin Spice


Just transfer to a glass jar and keep in the fridge. It should stay good for about a month, maybe longer.


If you watched my stories on Instagram, you saw that I made one that mimics Nutella and the hazelnut spread they have at Le Pain Quotidien. Seriously. So. Darn. Good.

I used 50% peanuts and 50% hazelnuts.

So 2 cups of peanuts and 2 cups of hazelnuts.

In the food processor, I added 2 tbsp of maple syrup, 2 tbsp of cacao (might try with 3 tbsp next time) and then 1 tsp of vanilla powder. You can substitute with vanilla extract.

Keep taste testing until you find the combo that tastes best for you. Key is to just add a little bit at the time because you can always add more later.

Let me know in the comments if you try this and if you tried any other flavors!


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