SLG Sponsorship Program

Before you apply for a full scholarship to SLG, some things to consider/think about:

First, take a moment and think if there's really no way for you to pay the one-time enrollment fee to SLG.

Remember, this program supports not only myself and my family but projects for our comunity and people both on-and-off reservation. If you just don't feel like paying for SLG, or rather spend the money on something else- please don't apply.

Second, like anything in life: you need to show up and do the work. I could give you magical fairy dust and it still wouldn't work unless you actually used it.

So ask yourself if you're ready to commit and hold yourself accountable. (Promise it's a breeze compared to going to therapy every week or spending the rest of your life with trauma.)

Third, anyone is welcome to apply, but...

Because what I teach is knowledge that my family has fought to protect, despite forced assimilation strategies and violence- which is also the reason why so many Indigenous people have lost this knowledge and are now struggling with the consequences- priority will be given to Indigenous applicants.

If reading this made you change your mind and you want to pay for your enrollment (or save up for the next one), wonderful! Here's the link for that.

If you are applying, go ahead and fill out the form below. 

No way to pay for SLG but also can't go another day fighting to keep your head over water? You're in the right place.