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I was a zombie walking through my everyday routine and missing out on what matters.

That could be you.

Imagine... the anxiety is gone and instead you're waking up happy.

All I need is a few weeks to show you how.

Now I'm on a roll living my best life!

- Melissa

Sound familiar?

you're not alone

"I can’t get rid of that heaviness in my chest"

"I’ve always wondered why I am so sad and couldn’t seem to enjoy life like other people"

"I am irritable and can't focus on anything"

"The moment I wake up I feel anxious and overwhelmed."

"There's tightness in my jaw and shoulders, and then it turns into pain.

"I get horrible migraines"

It's like you have a hundred questions but no answers.

A voice in your head keeps asking,

What if it never goes away?
What if this is it?

And not just therapy; my doctor suggested I started yoga, which I did, I even became a teacher; I meditated, ate healthy, exercised daily. If you have a favorite self-help book I'm sure I've read it.

How about scrolling through social media to find positive affirmations? Yep, did that too.

I tried every healing method I could find. At one point I used antidepressants which did get me out of the bed but it didn't heal me. I felt like I was living my life on autopilot.

I also felt like I was doing everything I was supposed to do.

So how come nothing was working?

At least that's how it was for me. I spent over eight years in therapy trying to feel like myself again.

Some people turn to alcohol, drugs, working out excessively, shopping, or anything to numb and cope with reality. I turned to the tv show Friends. Yeah, a tv show.

Watching other peoples' -fictional- lives was much easier than dealing with my own.

But even with all of this going on, I knew that this wasn't it. This is not the way to live and there is a way to fix it. I just hadn't figured it out yet.

I'd forgotten that I am in essence a primal being with survival instincts, just like other animals.

These symptoms don't just pop up out of nowhere. They show up because a survival response is stuck inside of your body. 

This urban society we live in has made us forget that we have natural instincts and a need for connection.

We might live in urban societies, but we're still animals. 

Then one day it hit me like if one of the medicine women had hit her kultrun drum over my head.

(ok that would never happen but trying to make a point over here)

When we ignore who we are and try to force this 'modern' way of living and mindset into our lives-- we go against nature. 

Like for example. Have you ever had an anxious feeling in your body that makes you want to run from something? Or like something is crawling inside of you? That's the survival instinct to escape from danger.

And as primal beings we were born with the ability to let it go, but..

We live in a modern society with new 'rules' that rationalizes what we experience in life. Combine this with our powerful minds and it results in us actually blocking our instincts.

So what happens then?

That’s why we experience things like anxiety, depression, nervousness, tension, pain, feeling stuck, etc.

So many symptoms are a result of the survival response in your body.

It's stuck because it never had a chance to complete the response.

And the longer you ignore it, the more side effects or symptoms you start to notice in your life.

We don't even recognize what's happening to us because we've been told that the only way to heal is to rely on 'professionals.' But your instincts, they know how to take care of you.

If they know how to get you in a survival mode, then trust me, they know how to get you out as well.

The survival response becomes trapped (literally) inside our bodies. 

Your body is begging you to listen.

So that's what I did, I changed how I was living my life.

I started listening to the knowledge and experience my ancestors have had for thousands of years.

Listening to the guidance that had always been there.

I finally let my body use it's natural instincts to let go of the survival energies that I'd been living with for so many years.

As I finished talking, she tilted her head and looked at me.

 "I feel like I'm learning more from you than you are from me," she said.

"You know how to take care of yourself, you don't need me anymore."

After eight years of weekly sessions with therapists and psychologists, and years of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, I finally felt like myself. I didn't feel numb anymore.

My memory had been bad for years, but now I could think clearly. I could focus. I had the energy to do things. And as cheesy as it sounds, I felt like I got a second chance in life.

When the other women in my domestic violence group noticed how 'different' I was, they asked me to teach them. That's how the Science of Letting Go (SLG) was born.

First it was local, then international workshops, some private celebrity clients here and there, and now here we are... an online school; a community of members in over 35 countries.

About two months after I'd started releasing the survival responses in my body, I was sitting in my therapist's office.

What is SLG?

SLG (Science of Letting Go) is an online school that teaches you who you really are: a primal being living in an urban society. After SLG you'll know how to let go for good so that you never have to waste time feeling unhappy again.

You'll learn...

how to physically release the survival response (stress) in your body so that you can heal and move on with your life

how to let your instincts help you in the 'modern' world where stress is everywhere

how to unlearn the limiting beliefs this society has taught you  

how to listen to the signs your body gives you 

tools to use when something stressful happens

how to rewire your thoughts

a whole lot about yourself

When people ask me,
 "how can you be so happy and love life so much after everything you've been through?"

This is it. There's no magic pill. Although I think our bodies are pretty magical when we let them do their job. But for you to heal, you have to let your body leave the state of survival. You'll struggle as long as you continue to fight your nature.

I know this sounds... 'different.' You're so used to 'experts' telling you what to do. To think that you could heal on your own feels a little too out there. But it's not some far-fetched method. It's you accepting your instincts instead of ignoring them.

This is knowledge that will help you for the rest of your life. I healed and as a result, moved on, creating a life that I never even knew I wanted.

It's amazing what you discover when you're not busy trying to survive.

Imagine, instead of spending your life trying to survive it, you actually lived it.

"I’ve let myself believe that after so much trauma, I can never garner the energy to rebuild my life. I can now see the light, the possibility.

"Learning how to release from SLG has enriched my life drastically. Sometimes I find it hard to believe how much it has really helped me connect and get to know myself all over again."

Comments from SLG members

"I’ve developed so much these past days and I am so happy about that. I’ve had a chance to really stop and pay attention to myself and with all these amazing tools you’ve given me. I feel like I’ve progressed so much."

"I have completed the first day and I already feel a shift in my attitude and outlook this morning!"

"I signed up first thing this morning and started an hour ago. I was expecting the shaking but oh man! I can’t begin to describe. I was a human earthquake. My body is speaking and I’m listening! Grateful for you."

(Move on)

How often have you found yourself confused on how you're supposed to heal?

Everywhere you look there's this idea that you can heal from a stressful event without ever releasing the survival response in your body.

But that's like having a knife cut into your hand and expecting the wound to heal without removing it. You have to remove it so that you can heal, right?

That's why in SLG we follow the three R's; Release, Reset and Recover.

And if you're thinking "but nothing ever works for me"
then you're definitely in the right place.

"Before, I didn't know that I was living with stress. All these physical symptoms were happening and I would just live with it. And then I would end up in the hospital hooked up to a machine because I felt like I was having a heart attack. I was in and out of hospitals for years because I couldn't keep food down. I was vomiting up everything.
Turns out it was stress and anxiety and it took 31 years for me to be able to help myself. The amount of money that I've spent on therapy sessions that sometimes made it worse. And working with my family doctor who tested me but couldn't figure out what it was. This program, in the one year that I've been practicing the tools that you've given me. The change that it's made in my life. How much of the darkness it's lifted off my shoulders. It's priceless. I just wish I had it sooner."

"... it took 31 years for me to be able to help myself."

Julie Ponte, Ontario Canada

The SLG Curriculum


If you feel overwhelmed or like it's hard to focus, it's because most of your energy goes to your body trying to survive. This is the reason why so many members see results when they start to release. 

In this module you'll learn about your instincts, how you're body speaks, and how to physically release and let go. 

So you've learned how to release, isn't that it? Not quite.

Because you live in a society where you're being 'attacked' 24/7-- think news, social media, pressure from family members, partners, work, [enter your day-to-day stress here].

Stress is everywhere and it keeps you in survival mode. 

Here you'll learn what keeps triggering a survival response in you along with a tool to help prevent it from happening in the first place. 

If you dream about waking up happy, at peace, and feeling connected with who you are-- this is it. You'll learn what the environment, your nervous system, and the ecosystem all have in common.

Here we build connections and boundaries so that you can stay true to who you are as primal being living in an urban society.

You were born to be so much more than a product of a society. Checking off to-do lists is not your life purpose.

After seeing the results SLG members had, this bonus module was created to help you clarify what you want next for yourself.



Prevent & Rewire


Your Environment

Moving Forward






What's inside?





what else?

- Lifetime membership. We only open up for new students a couple of times a year but once you're in, you're in.

- Do it at your own pace. Be patient with yourself, there's no time pressure.

- Mobile and tablet friendly.

- Option to download audio and transcripts.

I joined a Crossfit class to get strong and make friends, I resigned from my terrible job in the UK and got a new job in Bermuda.

I’m a much happier and kinder person than I used to be. 

I'm so happy to be alive and plan on making the most of every moment.
Thanks so much!"

Success stories

Kate Sweeney, Bermuda

"I love SLG and it has helped me make positive changes in my life."

I’m falling in love with this course and it’s literally changing my life. I’m currently super sick and unable to do a lot of things so this course is what I can look forward to everyday. Like phenomenal. 

Destiny Kipp,

"I haven’t even finished the entire course yet and my life has changed."

SLG appeared at exactly the right time for me. I was struggling with issues relating to divorce and an extremely unhappy marriage. During the course, I also uncovered old traumas that I had forgotten/suppressed and was able to work on as well.

I am incredibly grateful for the knowledge I've acquired and to Mandy for creating this course and for her support. It has been a life changing experience, I would recommend it to anyone. 

Huge thanks and so much love xo

Heather Griffiths, Northern Ireland

 "It has been a life changing experience."

Melissa Zepeda,

It's like I was a zombie walking through my everyday routine and missing out on what matters.
Now I'm on a roll living my best life BECAUSE OF YOU!

I've been much more aware and living in the moment.
I promise you, the birds chirping every morning have never sounded more beautiful.

Do you realize how grateful I am for you?
 It's because of you and your willingness to share with others your incredible knowledge."

"You really have no clue what you triggered and what you started IN ME!"

I've come to see a lot of what I have not let go of and in the process, through your beautiful teaching of doing so each and everyday, each and every moment.
You're an incredible teacher and soul.

Entire course is an absolute get, keep and use! Blessings."

Socrates Gliarmis,
North Carolina

"I want to let you know your course is INCREDIBLE!! 

"I’ve finally debunked the start of my OCD."

"It’s huge!!! Over the last few years I’ve been able to control my fears but I never really thought about when it started. I’m still shaking and I’m feeling very emotional as I’m typing because I’m so happy I’ve finally identified what caused the anxiety to become OCDs. I never realized that a trauma actually caused my OCD to go full blown. Thank you 😭❤️"

Apolline found the root cause of her OCD.