A Sign That It’s Time to Let Go

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I’ve noticed more and more people around me are affected by something that happened to them in their past. Signs that it’s time for them to finally let go.

That’s the thing. When we don’t process things we’ve been through- pretending we are fine and like it doesn’t affect us- the more our past shows up to remind us.

It gives us signs to remind us that it’s time to let go.

It’s like when we don’t take care of ourselves. We don’t eat right, don’t move our bodies, don’t drink enough water– we get sick, right?

Or how about physical pain.

These are signs the body gives us to let us know that something has to change. That we have something we need to let go of.

Now, sadness, anxiety, fear, depression (there’s more where that came from) are THE SAME.

They are signs that there’s unresolved trauma still stuck in the body.

I wish I could draw stick figures or cartoons and I would’ve done something funny to demo this but I can’t so play pretend, okay?

This would be your body if it could speak English to you:

“Hellooo. Remember me?

Yeah, you left this crap with me and I would like to get it out.

It’s in my way and making it hard for me to focus on my work. To be honest, it’s distracting so I’m dropping balls left and right.

Not cool.

So, sorry to have to do this to you but until you start paying attention to me, I will keep giving you signs/symptoms until you can’t ignore it.”


Makes sense, right? If you didn’t have these in-your-face signs then you wouldn’t be disturbed and you wouldn’t want to fix it.

You would just be numbed and maybe think it’s your personality. That excitement for life is just not part of who you are. Or maybe you wouldn’t think about at all!

You would just go through life on autopilot without knowing your past is holding you back and sabotaging you.

So if you read this and you have these symptoms- IT’S NOT ALL THAT BAD.

Trust me, I know the crippling anxiety, depression, fear, the overwhelm, and feeling of helplessness.

It’s just a memory to me now, but I remember it.

If it wasn’t for these signs, I wouldn’t have devoted over a decade of studying healing and healed myself.

Having these symptoms is a reminder that there’s so much more in life for you.

A chance to fix what was left unresolved.


Have a friend that needs to hear this? Share this post with them to remind them it’s not a life sentence, it’s just a wake up call.

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