Are modern day conveniences actually making your life more complicated?

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Do you ever think about how our modern day conveniences could actually be making our lives more complicated?


I know that’s something that runs through my mind every time I’m out in nature.
It’s like we are so intelligent that in some weird way it has backfired and made us self-sabotage ourselves.


Isn’t ironic, don’t you think?


(Yes, I just made an Alanis Morrissette reference.)



But think about it… we can create food, we can create vitamins and minerals and putting them in pretty bottles. We can even bottle up water, something that was put on this Earth with us for our survival, and then sell it. For money. Like big bucks, dineros, pesos, you name it. And yes, thank goodness for the accessibility that comes with it buuut… I feel like this has made us believe that we don’t need nature, that we can just make it on our own, you know?


This belief is not only damaging to us but for our whole planet. Because if we feel like we don’t need something, we treat it like junk, right? Ok, not all of us treat is as junk but lets be honest, we care less about it.


These innovations are not only making us forget where we came from and who we are, but they are also making us forget what it is we need.

Like B12 vitamin, for example, it’s a crucial vitamin for us. We need it to create red blood cells and for our nerves, DNA, etc.
A deficiency in B12 can get real serious so like most people, I make sure I take the supplement every day.

But why the need for supplements? Heck, why the need for bottled water?


Were we put on this Earth by God, the Universe, evolution, whatever you believe in, with the requirement that we would need a local CVS nearby?


Or any store that sells B12, water, and all that other stuff?

Like really?

Does that make sense to you because it doesn’t to me?!

I look at my family, an indigenous family who have lived off the land, generation after generation. I’m talking as off the beaten path as it possibly gets, up in the mountains, in the rainforest. No stores, no pharmacies, nothing around them, just nature. And many of them have lived well above a hundred years old.

How… how do they do that?

If you grew up in modern society, like me, you might heavily depend on human inventions. So much that you automatically think that most things have to be created by humans for you to trust it. If it’s made from nature you don’t think it will be efficient. It has to come from a lab, a factory, or at least be referenced by some influencer on social media for it to work or be good.

And that’s normal, but modern life has made the most basic things in our lives, complicated.


We are so disconnected from where we came from and our brains are so complex that we tend to overanalyze everything.


But not people who live off the land. They depend on nature, on our ecosystem. They use what is given to them, nothing else.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the advancements modern life brings us. Whether it’s western medicine, technology, or just having the accessibility to pretty much anything. I enjoy being comfortable. Like taking a hot shower or going to the store to buy food instead of searching for it in the woods. I don’t want to wash my clothes in the cold river like my mom did. And if I’m having a heart attack or get into an accident, someone better take me to the nearest hospital. I want the drugs, the scans, and all the doctors in a 5-mile radius to patch me back together.

Seriously, our advancements are incredible.

I’m just saying that we might have taken it so far that it has made us forget where we came from. It has made us forget who we are, how we function, and what we are supposed to depend on.

Modern life has made us question what our most basic needs, our essentials, really are.

Most people living in a modern society learn that B12 comes in the form of a supplement. Or fortified into cereals or through meat consumption. But the reality is that it comes from the soil.


We were put on this Earth as part of an ecosystem, as part of nature.


By drinking and eating what is already provided by nature, we automatically get B12 into our bodies. And I’m not talking all the clean-cut veggies in the store, or water in bottles. I’m talking down and dirty, straight from the Earth with traces of soil still on them.

It’s handmade, organic, gluten-free, created with love, provided and sponsored by… our Mama Earth.

I hope you read that with a cheesy sales voice, otherwise go back and read it again.

But seriously- go figures.

Modern life has made us believe we need all the juice detoxes, unicorn matcha lattes, kombucha, butter coffee, and twenty different supplements to function. Forget about your most basic needs, let’s complicate the crappers out of this thing.


We think whatever we buy from Whole Foods is going to be the solution to all of our problems. Reality is that most of the time, we just need to cover the basics.


And what scares me the most is that people don’t even know how important it is for their basic needs to be covered. Or what these needs even are! Instead, they will try everything else that they hear is supposed to be good for them, that might not matter at all.

And yeah, sometimes you do need the “extras” but how about covering the basics first and THEN add whatever else.

Water and B12 are completely blown off because let’s face it, it’s not complex or complicated enough for us. As a result, we have deficiencies and complications for something that could’ve been naturally taken care of.

One of the side effects of a modern life society is this, I don’t know, confusion? Thinking we were created as part of that world, the man-made world. But we are primitive beings. We were born as part of an ecosystem, not a 9 to 5 city life. Besides our intelligence, we are pretty basic.


We are simple primitive people that are dependent on an ecosystem.


This is what I mean when I say modern life has made our lives complicated, and messy, and dare I say it? Yes, I do… a little dumb. We struggle to see the simple answers in front of us because we expect things to be harder, that’s what we are used to.

I’m not saying that you should not take supplements, I take mine. Because the reality is that most of us live in cities and societies where we don’t have access to safe and natural sources of water and food.

In some bizarre way, necessities, the things that were put on this Earth to help sustain us and keep us alive have turned into a privilege… and somehow SmartWater and fortified toast have become our basics.

People who live off the land like my family did, before being forced into exile, don’t even have to think if they are getting enough B12, folate, or what else. They drink water from the streams, rivers, and wells, water sources that all naturally have B12. And their food comes directly from the soil. The food never gets polished clean until it looks all glossy and shiny like here in our grocery stores.

The water and plants from the forest give them all the nourishment they need. Nothing fancy but yet, somehow the rest of us are getting sick and have to run to the store to make up for what we are missing. All while being sidetracked and mislead by gimmicks.


Our disconnection from our true support system, nature, makes us struggle.


I’m not glorifying the life of living off the land, it’s hard. But I can’t help to think that we’ve taken comfort and accessibility a little bit too far.

It’s making us forget our connection and dependence on nature.

And it could explain why we have neglected it for so long- thinking we don’t need it.

All I’m saying is before you lose your mind trying every single tonic and product- take a deep breath. Take a look at yourself and your life, are your most basic and primitive needs met?


Basic Needs Self-Check List:

Are you…

drinking enough water?

getting enough b12?

are you sleeping enough?

is something in your life making you stressed?

do you get enough space to take care of yourself and recharge?


We were not meant to share a small space with so many people.


If you live in a city, that means you are surrounded by thousands, if not millions, of other people most of your time, your life.


Do you make it a priority to connect with yourself and nature?

For me, being out in nature is a reminder to simplify my life. To go back to the basics and not let modern life make it more complicated than it needs to be. It reminds me where I come from and what it is I really need, not what a man-made version of an ecosystem tells me I need.

You are a wild, undomesticated, intelligent and maybe even a little sassy primitive creature first and foremost… remember that.

Start there, then if that doesn’t help, do what you got to do, just remember to have the basics covered first.

Going back to the Basic Needs Self-Check List, what are you missing and what do you already got covered? Comment below!


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